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Astrological Remedies for Extra Marital Affairs (Secret Love)

14 Dec, 2020 by Swati

Astrological Remedies for Extra Marital Affairs (Secret Love)

Marriage is a beautiful association where two people bound together and share their whole life with each other. But sometimes people seek love out of the marriage and creates illicit relationships. Often referred to as Extramarital affairs, these relationships destroy the married life and forms a big glitch between a husband and a wife. At times, couples go through divorce, separation and several marital problems due to infidelity and the existence of a secret love affair relationship. 

But why the extramarital relationship happen? Do Planets influence natives to seek an illicit relationship? Can we do extramarital affair prediction by date of birth? Is there a way to find multiple affairs in astrology? How to stop a husband’s extramarital affair?

Let’s find out the answers to all these questions in this post. Read on to know about secret relationships in astrology or extramarital affairs in astrology.

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Secret Love Affairs in Astrology

Planets Responsible for Extra Marital Affairs

There are several planets and planetary combinations that are responsible for the extramarital affairs of the person. They are,

  • Moon

The Moon symbolizes the mind of the native. If the Moon is in trine mercury, then it is an indication of infidelity or an extramarital affair. Similarly, if the Moon, Mercury and Gemini zodiac sign is in conjunction, it is a sign of extramarital affairs in astrology. The presence of Punarbhu Dosha also shows infidelity in the horoscope. Punarbhu Dosha occurs when the moon is in conjunction with Rahu. It makes the native’s mind clouded and that person feels inclined towards extramarital affairs.

  • Mars

Mangal or Mars is a powerful planet in a Kundali when it comes to marriage. It controls and rules the sexual expression of an individual and often indicates the extramarital problems in the horoscope. 

  • Venus

The planet Venus governs love, passion, beauty, emotional bonding and marriage. It is responsible for the attraction and influences people to look for exotic relationships. The planetary combination of Mars and Venus in the Birth Chart is an indication of a secret love affair in astrology. It shows the possibility of having a secret affair outside the marriage. If Venus is in combination with Uranus in one’s horoscope, it means that the native is primarily involved in the extramarital affair due to sexual obsession. 

  • Rahu

Planet Rahucreates very unsettled emotions and desires. It affects the emotional and mental tendencies of the native extremely that he/she feels drawn towards illicit relationships. If Rahu is positioned in the 7th astrology house in a horoscope, it indicates that the women would become a cause of the family’s disgrace.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter represents goodness and religion. It is an indication of the marriage of a woman. The strong position of Jupiter in the horoscope keeps the native away from falling into random flings or any extramarital affairs. However, the weak or debilitated Jupiter indicates strong signs of having an extramarital relationship in life. 

How to See Extramarital Affair in Kundli?

If you want to find an extra marital affair in Kundali or want to check the influence of planets in an extramarital relationship, you should ask an astrologer and get your Kundali analyzed. An expert astrologer may help to know about the extramarital problems in the horoscope and can share the astrological remedies to get rid of the extramarital affairs.

As per Vedic astrology, the planets and stars at the time of birth influence the lives of natives deeply. It influences their behavior and fogs their mind leading them towards extramarital affairs. Thus, you may see the planetary combinations in your Kundali and find any secret and illicit relationship in the life of the native.

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Astrological Remedies for Extramarital Problems

Vedic astrology offers solutions for every problem of life. The astrological remedies suggested by the experiences astrologers can help you to get rid of the love affair of your partner but can also help in improving your relationship with your spouse. Thus, once you know about the extramarital relationship of your spouse or found the secret love affair in the astrology chart, follow these effective and powerful remedies for extramarital affairs.

  • Take kumkum and spread it on the side of the bed where your husband sleeps. On the next day in the morning, collect the kumkum and apply it to your Maang (partition of hair) where you apply it usually. While applying kumkum on your head, recite the name of Goddess Parvathi and seek her blessings. This is the simplest astrological remedy for an extramarital problem. It is advisable to do follow this totkas to remove extramarital affair on Sunday night.
  • Another astrological remedy for a husband’s extramarital affair is also simple and easy to follow. For this, you need to light a cube of camphor in the bedroom area. There is no specific day to perform this totka. You can perform this on any night of the week. The only thing you ought to do is to carry this astrological remedy with utmost faith and devotion. This totka is also helpful in ending the secret love affair of the husband. 
  • Another powerful remedy to get rid of the extramarital affair of the husband is to take the name of the person you think has an affair with your spouse. To follow this totka, you should take some lotus seeds (makhana) and write the name of that person on those seeds. Once you have written the letters of the name of that person, burn those seeds until it turns into ashes. This astrological remedy will help you to disassociate your spouse from that person and come out of the extra marital relationship. 

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