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Best Shubh Muhurat for Starting New Business in 2021

24 Nov, 2020 by Swati

Muhurat for New business opening

A right start makes things easy and smooth. That is why it is always suggested to consider Shubh Muhurat for starting anything new. Especially when it comes to business, finding shubh muhurat for starting a new business is very significant. Starting a new business, opening an office or shop on auspicious dates of business brings success, growth and profits to the owner.

If you want your business to flourish and reach greater heights, find auspicious days to start business in 2021. Know what are the best days to start a business according to astrology or which nakshatra is best to start a business for success. With the help of Vedic astrology, you may not only find auspicious days for shop opening or shubh muhurat for office openings but also can determine the auspicious dates to open a bank account or make any commercial transaction or carry out any financial deals. 

In this post, you may learn about the good days and auspicious dates to start a business in 2021. You may also know about new shop inauguration muhurat 2021, auspicious dates & time for new business in 2021 and much more. Start your business on these auspicious business dates for starting a business in 2021 and run a smooth, stable and profitable business.

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Auspicious Nakshatra to Start a Business

Pushya, Chitra, Ashwini, Chitra, Revati and Anuradha are the most favorable Nakshtras for new business launches. The presence of these auspicious Nakshatras for business in Janam kundali of natives brings wealth, fame and success in their business. Do you know if you have wealth, money and property Yogas and Nakshatras in your horoscope? Chat with an Astrologer now to know!

2021 Shubh Muhurat For Starting New Business

As per astrology, the best time to start a business in 2021 is in the upcoming months of January, February, September, October and November. November is the month of festivals when there will be several auspicious dates for shop opening and starting a new business. However, there is no bad day to start a business throughout the year. There are various shubh muhurat for starting a business that offers a great opportunity to look for new beginnings and new opportunities for your work and business. Read on to know about the good days to start a new business in 2021.

Shubh Muhurat for Starting New Business in 2021

Want to know when is the best time to start a business in 2021? Here are the 2021 auspicious dates and time for beginning your new business venture or opening a new shop, office or bank account. 

As per business and finance expert Astrologers, Shubh muhurat for business or auspicious business dates are the dates when the planetary configuration offers fortune, good luck and financial gains. So, plan the start of your venture around these dates or follow the Panchang and take your first step towards growth, success and wealth. 

Best Time to Start a Business in January 2021

January is considered as the best month to launch your startup. Here are the auspicious dates in January 2021 for starting or opening a business.


Muhurat Time

09th January 

08:09 AM to 12:43 PM

17th January

09:19 AM to 10:47 AM

18th January

07:46 AM to 09:16 AM

23rd January

07:44 AM to 08:56 AM

10:23 AM to 13:23 PM

31st January

08:24 AM to 09:52 AM

Auspicious Days for Shop Opening in February 2021

Despite the few days in February, there are still auspicious dates and time to start new shops and business in 2021. Here are the best days to start a business according to astrology in February 2021.


Muhurat Time

14th February

07:31 AM to 08:57 AM

10:22 AM to 13:52 PM

18th February

10:06 AM to 11:41 AM

19th February

07:27 AM to 11:37 AM

28th February

07:18 AM to 11:02 AM

Shubh Muhurat for Office Opening in March 2021

March is the month of Aries which is a zodiac sign of enthusiasm, new beginnings and creativity. Know what are the 2021 auspicious dates for starting a business in March 2021.


Muhurat Time

08th March

17:01 AM to 19:18 PM

13th March

16:41 AM to 18:26 PM

18th March

06:58 AM to 09:51 AM

11:47 AM to 18:39 PM

New Shop Inauguration Muhurat April 2021

April also offers a boost to your business ideas due to Aries influence. Explore the best time to launch your business in April 2021.


Muhurat Time

09th April

06:49 AM to 12:35 PM

14:55 PM to 19:29 PM

14th April

06:30 AM to 08:05 AM

10:00 AM to 16:53 PM

15th April

06:27 AM to 09:57 AM

12:11 PM to 16:49 PM

22nd April

07:33 AM to 09:29 AM

23rd April

09:25 AM to 11:40 AM

28th April

07:10 AM to 11:20 AM

15:58 AM to 18:14 PM

Best Day to Start a Business As Per Astrology in May 2021

Beginning of the May month will bring success to your business plans. Find out what are the auspicious days to start your business astrology in May 2021.


Muhurat Time

01st May

11:08 AM to 15:46 PM

06th May

15:26 PM to 18:04 PM

07th May

06:35 AM to 13:05 PM

12th May

06:48 AM to 08:10 AM

10:25 AM to 17:19 PM

19th May

07:43 AM to 12:18 PM

21st May

12:10 PM to 14:27 PM

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Work in June 2021

In  2021 June, best shubh Muhurat for starting a new business as per astrology can be three but if you are determined to launch your startup or open a shop, astrologers can help you to know more good days to start a business in June 2021. Take a look at the auspicious dates of June 2021.


Muhurat Time

07th June

11:03 AM to 13:20 PM

15:37 PM to 20:15 PM

17th June

07:18 AM to 12:41 PM

14:57 PM to 19:35 PM

25th June

07:32 AM to 12:10 PM

14:26 PM to 19:04 PM

Shubh Muhurat for Business in July 2021

If you are planning to open a shop or new office in July 2021, check out the best days and dates to turn your business dreams into reality. Find the 5 auspicious dates in 2021 July to kick start a startup or shop opening.


Muhurat Time

05th July

06:53 AM to 11:30 AM

13:47 PM to 18:25 PM

12th July

06:25 AM to 08:46 AM

11:03 AM to 17:57 PM

14th July

08:38 AM to 10:55 AM

13:11 PM to 19:53 PM

19th July

08:18 AM to 15:11 PM

28th July

10:00 AM to 12:16 PM

New Shop Opening Muhurat in August 2021

Find which day is good for shop opening in August. Take a quick look at the shubh muhurat for shop opening and launching a new business in 2021 August month.


Muhurat Time

02nd August

14:16 PM to 18:39 PM

09th August

09:13 AM to 11:29 AM

11th August

06:48 AM to 09:05 AM

15th August

06:32 AM to 11:05 AM

29th August

12:30 PM to 18:35 PM

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Shubh Muhurat for Shop Opening in September 2021

As per Vedic astrology, check out the 2021 September shubh muhurat and auspicious dates to open a shop or office. You may explore other auspicious muhurat for September months by consulting an expert astrologer for finances.


Muhurat Time

05th September

07:27 AM to 09:43 AM

11th September

13:57 PM to 19:11 PM

15th September

13:42 PM to 15:46 PM

17:28 PM to 18:55 PM

Good Days to Start Business in October 2021

October is a good month to start new ventures. Find what are the most auspicious days to start new business in the 2021 October month.


Muhurat Time

09th October

07:29 AM to 09:49 AM

18th October

06:55 AM to 11:32 AM

21st October

17:59 PM to 19:34 PM

22nd October

06:57 AM to 13:20 PM

15:02 PM to 19:25 PM

23rd October

08:54 AM to 14:59 PM

31st October

15:55 PM to 18:55 PM

Best Muhurat for Shop Opening in November 2021

Here are the Shubh Muhurats in the month of November 2021. These are also the best dates to open a new business in November when you may seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh for your new business ventures. Check out 2021 November Muhurat for Starting New Business.


Muhurat Time

01st November

07:04 AM to 12:41 PM

05th November

07:41 AM to 08:03 AM

10:21 AM to 15:35 PM

17:00 PM to 18:35 PM

13th November

16:28 PM to 18:05 PM

14th November

09:46 AM to 16:24 PM

19th November

07:18 AM to 13:12 PM

14:40 PM to 19:36 PM

Best Dates to Open a Business in December 2021

There will be only one shop opening muhurat in December 2021. This is the best day to start a business astrologically and as per English calendar as the day marks the Christmas festival. Read on to know 2021 December Muhurat for Starting New Business. 


Muhurat Time

06th December 

07:31 AM to 10:23 AM

12:06 PM to 16:33 PM

16th December

07:40 AM to 09:44 AM

11:26 AM to 17:49 PM

30th December

07:45 AM to 11:59 AM

13:24 PM to 14:59 PM

As per vedic astrology, the time when all the planets and Nakshatras are favorable is called Shubh muhurat. It is a very fruitful and propitious duration to start any new work or business. Astrologers calculate Tithi, Vaar. Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan to determine the Shubh muhurat of the year. As business and work or shop opening is a medium of earning and carrying out livelihood, it is advisable to always check Shubh muhurat for starting a business. If you want to know about the best date for starting business according to your date of birth or need a solution for your business problem solution by astrology, consult our best Online astrologer for business.

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