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Hello, I am Acharya Manohar. For all your job and business related queries, you can contact me here and get the correct advice and guidance to ensure success in the future.

About My Services

Hello I am Acharya Manohar. I am an expert Astrologer and Tarot reader with a vision into the future. I guide you through Vedic Astrology and Tarot card readings with the energy guidance for matters related to love, money, career, future, marriage, children and education. I am a passionate Tarot reader performing readings for people from all over the world through online mediums and helping them get the guidance that the Universe wants to send their way. I chose this profession because I want to be the communicator between the higher power energies and the humans that follow them and I help you discover what cards are telling you about your past, present and future life. If you are stuck in love, or not making progress in your career, or going through a financial crisis, I will be your guide and help you find the right path ahead in life. I never say things to please my clients so please be aware that my readings will be a mix of positive and negative as the cards show and how the energy guides me to. I am a professional psychic and counselor who loves to help people in reaching solutions for problems without any judgement and with a positive attitude. For me, every client is important.

Experience & Qualification

I have my education in the field of human behavior and psychology but I have been practicing Astrology and Tarot for more than 10 years. I started reading cards for myself and then I slowly started doing readings for my friends and family. When I started connecting with the energies and getting the message from the Universe then I took this up as a profession in order to help the people around me who are suffering. I perform single readings, weekly readings, monthly readings, love readings, energy readings and many more. I use my abilities to help people in finding the answers they are looking for and figuring out how to get through a troubled situation.


English, Hindi

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Anonymous User

I was lost and there was no zeal when my friend recommended a session with acharya ji. He has helped me get the zeal back in my life.

Anonymous User

I feel great pleasure in discovering about acharya ji. My life was really rough and with his guidance, things are getting back on track.

Anonymous User

Sir was very considerate and has a helpful nature. He is not at all like the professionals who just take money. Manohar ji has helped me with his easy remedies.

Anonymous User

He is very helpful and he gave me exact insights in for my married life. Good study. Thanks!

Anonymous User

Absolutely a divine experience with Manohar ji. His experience reflects in his work. Very satisfied with his guidance.

Anonymous User

A positive soul with positive and motivating words. No matter how bad your life or situations are, Manohar ji fills everyone with a positive energy. thank you.

Anonymous User

I first opted for astrology and I was astonished to see everything said by acharya ji was so accurate for my life. I then shifted to tarot reading with him and had a fantastic session with him.

Anonymous User

I absolutely enjoyed talking to him. He is filled with optimism and guides with the easiest solutions. thank you sir.

Anonymous User

I was preparing for certain exam and consulted him at the same time. He helped me by breaking my false hopes and guiding me to the field that was in alignment with my capabilities.

Anonymous User

things between me and my spouse were turbulent. With the advice and remedies of Acharya ji, everything in our bond is harmonious.

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