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Hi, I am Mohini Babbar. Are you searching for a true & honest guidance regarding your future prospects ? I am here to answer all your questions based on vedic astrology.

About My Services

Based on Vedic Astrology, I provide solutions and remedies for problems in various aspects of life. My spiritual journey began at a very young age under the guidance of my mother & father. At a very young age I developed an interest in Tarot reading after a meditation practice. Its been more than 12 years that I am practicing Vedic Astrology and over the years of my practice, I have been able to help many individuals in resolving problems and achieving success in their career, finance, love, relationships, health, marriage, family, education, kids and much more. Through my vedic astrology guidance, I suggest simple and easy solutions and remedies for success and growth in life. With my knowledge of Vastu shastra, I also help people by balancing their directional energies that add negative vibrations in life. Through Numerology, I can suggest change in name, business name and guide with lucky numbers for abundant life. I specialize in marital affairs, relationship problems, marriage issues and delayed marriage.

Experience & Qualification

I have completed professional astrology certification in 2002. Gold Medalist and Acharya Award of completion in Vaastu. .I learned Astrology, Vaastu shastra, under the guidance of world-renowned astrologers from “Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan”, and Maha-vastu. Certified Master Numerologist. Also knows Lal Kitab Astrology and KP Astrology. And doing readings too.


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Anonymous User

good one

Shekhar Hari

Thank you very much for your kind suggestions and great insights. The advice given by you really helped me to make smart choices in career and find my dream job. Very happy now and now can confidently say that yes astrology really works. All credit goes to Mohini ji for such positive change in my perspective.

Mohit Gopal

I received my reading reports and everything about me is so accurate. My marriage has been going through a lot lately but I started following the remedial solutions and I can see the positive changes coming in my marital life. I am really thankful for the insights and guidance.

Siddharth Gola

I never thought I would be facing marital issues in my first year of marriage life. I wouldn’t know what to do if I did not get Mam's help. The session I had with her made me understand mine and my husband’s weak points so we could work on them together. Thanks a lot!

Anish Gill

My marriage was going through a rough patch when I sought astrological help. I am very thankful to the expert that finally things are improving and I am finding peace in my married life. I am confident enough to seek things positively now and know that next time whenever I will feel any kind of problem, I can look forward to the guidance of Experts at DashaSpeaks.

Kunal Dyal

Despite making a lot of efforts on my end, I couldn’t find any suitable match for my daughter. It was when I took a consultation from mam and followed her advice. Today my daughter is happily married. I cannot thank mam enough.

Raghav Dugar

I found her advice really helpful in solving my business issues. Because of coronavirus situation I had so many insecurities and had doubts about next steps in my business projects. But thanks to her guidance, now I am confident with my plans.

Abhinav Doctor

Marriage was the toughest subject for me because I was just not matching up with anyone. In our first session, Mohini ji highlighted the reasons for the delay and predicted the right time for marriage. After 2 or 3 sessions I started believing in Astrology even more because I was actually seeing the difference because of her remedies.

Niti Dara

I was completely lost when it comes to job and career, and at the right moment I consulted with Mohini Ji. She helped me by showing me the right path forward as she highlighted my traits that would suit well with the job choices that I was making. Her predictions have been true so far and I feel that she has in-depth knowledge of Vedic Astrology.

Ankur Deshpande

Mohini mam held my hand when I was at the lowest point in my life. She read my horoscope and gave her analysis which showed me why I have been having so many problems. Then she supported me with her readings and predictions which are slowly working out one by one. Thanks to her, I am getting my life back on the right track after a lot of struggle.

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