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Hello, I am Anugyaani. Consult me if you are having trouble in your career or business growth. I will give you the best remedies to find success and happiness in your professional life.

About My Services

I come from a family of Astrologers and Pandits with a deep rooted knowledge of reading horoscopes and understanding different yogas and doshas. This divine power was inherited to me as a blessing from my great great grandfathers who dedicated their lives to the study of planets and chakras to understand how the stars and planets affect people on the Earth. After completing my Vidya sanskar, I chose vedic astrology as my field of study and pursued this as my profession. Currently I offer services in horoscope analysis, kundali milan, love compatibility, marriage yogas, palm reading, past life analysis, Numerology, Lal kitab jyotish and Tarot. Following the path of my ancestors I have devoted my entire life to this service of making people understand what’s happening in the celestial world that is affecting their lives here on Earth and how my readings can help them find the right solution to their problems. My areas of expertise include love, marriage, divorce, affairs, business progress, break up, love marriage solutions, couple readings etc. I believe that if I have the calling then I should help everyone around me, and my profession gives me several opportunities to do that. I feel utterly satisfied when I see people reuniting their lost marriages and overcoming their hard divorce or breakups. It feels really good when people put their trust in me and as a divine learner, it is my responsibility to service the less fortunate ones.

Experience & Qualification

I have completed my education in master of science and have a strong background in psychological studies. I have inherited the knowledge of Astrology, horoscopes and palm reading from my ancestors and refined my skills and knowledge through my years of practice and service to the people. I have been practicing for more than 20 years now and it still feels like there is a lot to do before I retire. I now consult through online modes to make my work and services more accessible to people around the World. I am practicing Numerology, lal kitab jyotish and past life readings for the past 10 years as I picked them up because of my interest in discovering how past life can affect the present.



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Anonymous User

Vedic astrology readings have worked really well for me as madam has always be so helpful at explaining everything so well. She has helped me get my drowning business back to life. I am forever grateful to her.

Anonymous User

Jyothish ji pointed the real problem that was restricting the growth of my career. She has suggested things to improve professional aspects and offered solutions that helped me a lot.

Anonymous User

very compassionate and kind hearted individual. She has inspired me work harder in my life. thank you madam.

Anonymous User

My planets were not supporting any progress in my married life. by consulting madam, I discovered why was it happening. I followed her solutions and things have started to change now.

Anonymous User

One of the finest astrologers I met online. Really happy with my session and the advice. Would love to consult again.

Anonymous User

Thanks to mam. My love life feels more sorted and happy. I have been able to get through the rough times and find a good partner for me. She has helped with Doshas in my kundali and encouraged me to grow professionally and personally.

Anonymous User

I got in touch with mam when I was very worried about my career. Everything felt stuck and I was not able to get a good job. She suggested few astrological remedies and instilled a good faith in me. I feel more happy now and finding positive changes careerwise. I hope I will also get the desired job soon.

Anonymous User

Anuji has been an enlightening power in my life. Her readings have helped me make better choices and move ahead in life with total caution. She has been a major help in resolving some major issues in my life.

Anonymous User

My mother was extremely distressed about my marriage being delayed but Anu ji guided us at the right time and with the most accurate readings. We understood the reason for delays and are now in the process of completing puja for dosha nivaran which will help speed up the process of my marriage.

Anonymous User

I was struggling to be happy for a long time because things always kept getting worse. My friend was consulting with her and she suggested I do too. I am extremely satisfied with her readings and guidance. Finally i feel i am moving on the road to happiness.

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