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I am Priyadarshini ,doing Vedic astrology from more than 10 years with the specialization in Marital life issues ,education and career ,as well as giving healing too ,if you have your birth details you can contact me to plan your life to make it easy and satisfied

About My Services

I am a philosophy graduate from Delhi University and my spiritual journey began in the early years of my childhood. I developed a natural interest in tarot reading at a very young age and after rigorous meditation and learning I began practicing the science of Tarot and Astrology. Over the past 10 years, I have helped many Individuals, job seekers, Industrialists, and Business Owners for all common issues of life related to health, wealth, job, career, marital issues and material success. My ideology is to suggest simple solutions and feasible remedies without complicating things too much. My aim to help people by providing professional Astrological guidance and education so that individuals can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations in life and restore joy in their life. I also practice the art of Reiki and meditation through energy vibrations. I suggest color therapy and directions based on elements to use in life to make it easy and perfect by using planetary guidelines.

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Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, Graduate from B V bhawna, Experience of more than 10 years, giving constancy of Astrology, Reiki, Tarot and meditation related fields to my clients


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Sanchit Gulati

If you are looking for a satisfying consultancy, then there is no better option than Priyadarshini ji. She is consistent and closely analyzes all the segments of your life. I am very much relieved after getting a session with her.

Abdul Goel

I was facing personal issues and had lost all the hopes to find true love in life. You have given me hope and shared insights that really worked well. I am very impressed by your Kundali analysis and have never seen such detailed insights from anyone before. Looking forward to your predictions and help in the future! Thank to you again.

Raju Gade

My husband's sister's family was struggling a lot due to Covid time, i suggested them to consult an Astrology expert, because by that time they have already lost their hope for anything good to come. But thanks to ma'am, business is almost back to the same point, and who knows, it might now get better only!

Prateek Dugal

Thanks you Ma'am for your guidance and advise. Your suggested remedies really worked. Very grateful to you.

Ajith Dube

Ma’am, you have changed my life completely. I am a better person now and it has happened only because of your selfless positive guidance. I followed you and now I am at a firm position in my life.

Rakesh Dewan

Thanks to ma’am, my marriage is happy again!

Kavya Das

I took a session for the problems I was facing in my marital life. All the predictions were accurate and finally with her guidance, I was able to get my marriage back on track. All thanks to the effective guidance of ma’am.

Arjun Desai

Thanks to mam. Her insightful advice and remedies was great. She is very polite and understanding and helped me to sort my personal life.

Sasashy Dada

So happy I found this website! The expert helped me a lot with advice for my start-up.

Khushi Chawla

I was stuck in the same job for 2 years without any promotion. I was also confused about leaving my job to start my own business. Consulting Priyadarshini Ji came to me as a blessing. She predicted some great things for me but told me to stay in my job. As it turns out, a few months later, I was promoted and whatever she has told me turned out to be true.

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