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I am a traditional Indian (Vedic) astrologer who predicts through his amazing oldest science. My experience in this field is very vast having an experience of more than 20 years of experience. I used to predict by reading horoscopes and help people in unfolding their karmic reports. I am 2nd generation of my family blessed with divine astrological knowledge powers which help in strengthening my accuracy in my predictions based on native birth details. I guide with full honesty keeps a supportive aspect to help people. I invite you to join me in discovering your inner strengths and weaknesses get your real goal and charm of life. Stay Happy and Blessed!!

About My Services

According to me Vedanga Jyotisha (Vedic or you can say Indian astrology) is not merely a predicting tool, but it is a conscious-guided learning tool that defines your destiny and path of life. This Vidya helps you fully understand the reason and the goals that you have to fulfill in this life. By analyzing your Horoscope chart based on your Name, Birth-date, Birth-time and Place of Birth, I can do readings based on the messages received from the Stars which were rising in the sky at the time of your birth which are based on your Prarabdh Karmas and can forecast all important events which are connected with your life and your personality such as your character, temperament, education, career, finances, fortune, love or arrange marriage, love relationships and break-ups , family and kids, success, prosperity and much more.

Experience & Qualification

I am a professional Vedic astrologer with an experience of 20+ years as an expert in predictive and remedial astrology working with some of the top international websites as a trusted ,honest and strategic consultant ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. I have done Pravin and Visharad education of Astrology and presently doing an extensive research on our ancient classic books of Astrology and its rules.


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excellent reading as always. thank you


I was told what I’ve been waiting to hear.


Excellent reading. Good energies and honest. Will return again. thank you


Always very accurate. Thank you I will be back!


Very very detailed, accurate and kind. Thank you so much !


Amazingly accurate and fast typer. Thank you very much!

Manish Gandhi

You have predicted accurate things about my love life. I am very grateful to your help. You have helped me a lot by sharing the possibilities and suggesting the remedies for marriage.

Neeraj Divan

I got a reliable and effective advise from sir. He predicted that my business will improve post May 2020. And I am really happy to say that my business is gradually pacing up.

Karan Devi

Extremely helpful! I am really happy in my career now. It is growing now. I followed the advice of sir and it has worked for me. I really recommend his services.

Deepak Deep

I must say his predictions are very precise and insightful. Very happy after consulting him.

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