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Utsav Joshi

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I am a practicing Vedic Astrologer and have researched the field quite extensively. I have helped people find there solutions of life using this ancient technique given by the holy sages.

About My Services

I have been practicing Astrology since last 12 years. I am also running a yoga and meditation centre. I have a constant knack of getting insight of people. I am also a qualified civil engineer. Yoga expert and Psychic reader.Astrology has been my childhood passion. I started learning it at a very early age. I got a professional outlook towards astrology when I have been practicing vedic astrology since 2008(i.e 12 years) and have helped many people since then to come out of there dilemmas.My achievement is my connection with people.I am also working astrology professional in many leading astrology and daily horoscope websites. I have had great honor of working with leading Astrologers of India.

Experience & Qualification

I completed my professional astrology certification in 2008. I have won the achievers award in the all India Astrology conference 2018. I am Yoga expert and Psychic reader too.


English -Hindi

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I am really happy the way Utsav ji has helped me deal with my life situations. I can never thank him enough for the guidance he provided me.

I was going through serious financial issues when I have visited this website and consulted astrologer. He really understood my problems and made me know the astrological reasons behind it. He explained me the solution and assured me that everything will be alright. With God's grace and Utsav Sir's guidance, now am very stable and clear about my finances.

I was going through difficult times of getting divorced and decided to ask a professional about the situation and how to act and what to do. Frankly speaking the situation I was in didn’t get better, but at least there is a peace within me since the session with sir.

Divorce is not an easy thing mentally too. Stress, misunderstandings, fights. Utsav sir helped me to sort out all my concerns regarding my situation!

I am really impressed with the simplicity with which he explains things. His remedies are super easy and super effective.

I was always curous about how my married life would be and how would my life partner be. I really wanted to know if I will have a happy married life and the right time to get married. He studied my Kundali and suggested the best time to get married. He also made some predictions about my married life and told me to do some remedies. Today I am married and whatever he had told me has been true so far.

I was trying to move abroad for a long time but my Visa kept getting rejected. Utsav Ji guided me about the right time to apply and also told me about some remedies. I waited till the right time and followed his remedies. The outcome was positive. I am happy I spoke to him before I lost hope.

My parents were really worried about my marriage as they were facing endless issues. Then we found Utsav ji who prepared my birth chart and helped us navigate through the obstacles we were facing. Now, I am happily married. Thanks to you sir.

My professional life was strewn with obstacles, so I couldn't achieve anything. Astrological insights by Utsav ji opened my eyes and I must admit that everything has become normal since then.

My career mattered too much to me, but I lost myself in the field I had to choose. But thank God, Utsav was able to enlighten me on this and I must confess that I did not regret a single second of our discussion.