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I am Vivek Sharma, Vedic astrologer and palmist too, practicing it since last 20 years. I have learnt this wisdom from my Grandfather who was a Vedic astrologer and Mantra healer. Since childhood, my field of specialization is Astrological solution and remedy you can contact me any time to get readings from your horoscopes .With Vedic Astrology I am into various different field of healing and remedies too. I have founded different healing modality and therapies based on the ancient Indian wisdom.

About My Services

"Do you want to create a happy, healthy and prosperous life around you? Do you want to improve your finance? When will you come out from the debts? Will your current investments be profitable? How to improve your relationship with husband/wife/boss, or colleagues? How is your career life? Do you have enough compatibility to marry your love partner? How will be your life partner? Are you struggling in your marriage life? How can you develop love among family members? What is keeping you from succeeding in life? Do you want to know why you are facing problems in your life, and want to change your life for better? If any of these questions bother you and you are looking for answers, solutions and remedies, then ask me all your questions and I will help you get through your current situation with my expertise. "

Experience & Qualification

I am third generation of the Astrologer in my family. Astrological remedies and solutions is our field of specialisation. In addition I have gained more expertise from Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology.


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Amit Dass

I have consulted him to check my horoscope and very happy with his precision and detailed readings about my career and love life.

N.priyanka Pagination

I was having a hard time with my loans and finances. I went to a number of astrologers but nothing helped me. Then I finally discovered Vivek sir. Not only I got visible positive results but also the satisfaction I was looking for. His remedies are easy and effective.

Aashna Chakraborty

I took consultation from him in feb regarding Job change. He after checking my Kundali told me not to change job for some time. I am very thankful to his advice and can see that how this job is helping me to stay stable in this COVID crisis. Thanks and wishes!

Debbie Chad

I had a discussion regarding my past to understand my current situation better and regarding my future to know what step to make next. This consultation really helped me!

Katherine Bumb

Best astrologer I have ever consulted. Very polite, knowledgeable and positive.

Akansha Bhattacharyya

Sir, you are one of the finest astrologers I have come across. Really genuine, helping, and humble.

Krithika Bhatnagar

With the help of an expert I literally got a position in my dream job and since then I have been promoted already. Will definitely keep in touch with them to remain successful in my professional life.

Radhika Bhat

Vivek ji guided me through my Divorce and helped me find the new path in life. His remedies work really well and mantras and meditations suggested by him really helped me find my peace of mind. He was mu guiding light in darker times. Thankyou so much Vivek JI.

Kalyani Bora

I was in doubt to change my job or stay in the same company. I had a session with an expert Vivek and I am really grateful for his insights regarding me!

Diya Biswas

I am very blessed that I have contacted Vivek sir. His amazing remedies helped me with my Kundali Dosha and effectively reduced the malefic effect of planet. I am now more happy and content. All thanks to Vivek Sir.

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