What DashaSpeaks Offers?

Wide Range Of Services

DashaSpeaks offers you an array of readings and services for

  • Vedic Astrology

    Vedic Astrology

  • Marital Life

    Marital Life

  • Career and Business

    Career and Business

  • Love and Relationships

    Love and Relationships

  • Finance and Wealth

    Finance and Wealth

  • Horary Astrology

    Horary Astrology

  • Break up & Divorce

    Break up & Divorce

  • Fortune Telling

    And More...

1000+ Experts

DashaSpeaks enables you to connect with thousands of experts and get answers to the most pressing concerns of your life.

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  • Our community of Experts and consultants include:
  • Astrologers
  • Tarot Readers
  • Experts
  • Fortune Tellers

Multiple Ways

To Connect

To ensure flexibility and convenience, DashaSpeaks allows you to connect to the experts through different mediums, online as well as offline.

Chat With Our Experts

Chat With Our Experts

Our real-time chat platform lets you talk one-on-one with our experts. The connection between you and your chosen expert is instant in a live session. You simply type your questions and doubts and get answers from your expert at the same time. If your preferred expert is not available to chat online, you can leave them a message and they will reply to you when they become available.

Email Reading

Email Reading

If you want an offline session, we provide you with an option to take an email reading. Through this medium, you can simply email your queries to your preferred expert and get your response via email only. For your convenience, DashaSpeaks provides you with your mailbox where you can send your concerns, agree upon a fee, hire the expert and get your answer within 72 hours.

Question Forum

Question Forum

We also offer you a unique way to choose your expert if you are not sure about whom to select for a session. You can post your question on a forum and let our team of experienced experts counsel you on your issue. And on the basis of the answers and advice they lend, you can hire your preferred expert. Although this forum is publicly available, we ensure that your privacy and anonymity are maintained.

Connecting with an Expert

DashaSpeaks makes it extremely convenient for you to choose your preferred expert at your suitable time in 3 easy steps :


Join DashaSpeaks

To connect with an Expert, you need to register with DashaSpeaks. The registration process is simple and quick. Just enter your email address, your preferred user name, your password and you are done. You can also register with your Facebook account.


Choose Your Expert

Once you login, you get access to our complete community of experts. You can choose your expert and connect with them via chat, email, message or even the forum.


Make Payment

After you select your expert, you have to make a payment to chat with them or hire them in case of email reading or forum. In a live chat session, you get the first 3 minutes free, after which you have to pay according to the chat minutes you want. Once your payment is successful, you can start chatting immediately.

Free minutes for your first reading

Plans & Payment options

We provide you with multiple payment options for your ease and convenience from which you can add funds to your DashaSpeaks account. You can add funds in your DashaSpeaks wallet by credit or debit card which thus enables you to connect easily and quickly with our Experts.