Refund & Cancellation

  • No refund or cancellation will be processed once you have chosen an Expert for chat/call or hired an Expert for Email reading. The risk and liability of selecting an Expert for consultation in haste totally lies with the User and DashaSpeaks is not responsible for any refund once the order is processed. In case the Expert does not respond to your query within 48 hours, the amount deducted will be credited to your DashaSpeaks wallet.
  • No refund or cancellation shall be processed in case the User provides incorrect information. The User agrees to be careful when providing any information related to their concern and re-check before they submit their concern and hire our Experts.
  • We shall not process any refund or cancellation if the User provides a wrong contact number when opting for our ‘Talk To Astrologer’ feature. Our users are advised to keep their mobile numbers in full coverage area and answer the call when received. DashaSpeaks, in any way, will not be liable for any refund or cancellation for any call that gets connected.
  • You cannot claim any refund in case there is any technical delay or glitch while the request for any session with an Expert is being processed. You accept and agree that all the time durations that are mentioned on DashaSpeaks are approximate and we will take all the necessary steps to stick to the timelines.
  • Members/Users should not rely on or make any legal, health, financial or other important decisions based on the guidance provided by an Expert. DashaSpeaks holds no liability or responsibility about the accuracy and effects of the Astrological remedies suggested to you by the Experts. Taking the advice and consultation of the Experts on DashaSpeaks is completely on the Users’ will and discretion. It is recommended for the members/users to use their discretion in such circumstances; DashaSpeaks will not issue any refund on such grounds.
  • In case of payment failure or timeout due to any server or network related issues on DashaSpeaks’ website/app or on the payment gateway page that is associated with DashaSpeaks, the User is required to check his/her bank account for any amount debited. If the amount is debited, then you should contact us at support@dashaspeaks.com to notify and confirm your payment. In case, the amount is not debited, you can try to process your payment request again.
  • DashaSpeaks holds no liability in case you make multiple payments for one session with an Expert and the exceeding amount will be credited to your DashaSpeaks wallet. You will be charged only as per the service you have requested.
  • It is the complete discretion of DashaSpeaks to refuse or cancel any Chat/Call/Email session request made by the User for any reason whatsoever. Your request might get cancelled due to several reasons which include, without limitation, update in the pricing terms, unavailability of the service, or any other glitch. If the User has paid for a said service and it is cancelled, then the deducted amount will be credited to the User’s DashaSpeaks wallet.
  • In case any user or member uses any sort of abusive and offensive language on the website and when interacting with our Experts in any way including but not limited to chats, emails, messages, and forums, it will result in the termination of your DashaSpeaks Account & seizing of the entire amount present in your DashaSpeaks wallet. You will not be liable for any refund or claim in such circumstances.
  • If any Member/User of DashaSpeaks violates any of the terms mentioned in our Terms of Use, then the account of that User will be terminated with immediate effect and the amount in the User’s DashaSpeaks wallet will be seized and not be refunded.

Contact Us

In case of any questions, you can contact us at our Registered Office:

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Support Email : support@dashaspeaks.com