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About DashaSpeaks
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The Blessed Lord said O Arjuna, Many Lives of Mine Have Passed, And So Have Yours. I Know Them All, (but) You Know Not!

Based on this Rebirth concept, our great ancient seers divided the Zodiacs of 360 degrees approximately into three human life cycles (Janmas) of 120 degree each which is equal to 120 years of a human life span.

By using triangular (Trikona) bhavas of the Janam Kundali: 1st House is associated with the Present Birth, 5th house is associated with the Rebirth (Punar Janma) and the last one is the 9th house which is associated with Pre-Birth (Poorva Janma). And, to read all these Astrological combinations, numerous Dasha concepts have been given by famous sages in our classics, like Vimsottari Dasha which is also calculated for 120 years to read one’s life cycle which is based on Karmas.

Different Dasha Systems of Vedic Astrology have Karma as one of their significant factors to determine one’s fate. It is the Karmas that create destinies and give timely pre-warning about an upcoming impact of various Planets. The past life Karma reveals the problems, challenges and obstacles one would face in their present life. And through the platform of DashaSpeaks, our team of best Vedic astrologers will help you to discover your *Rinanu Bandhan* (past life Sanchit Karma) to instill happiness, joy and positivity in your present as well as future and to resolve every mystery and concern of your life that troubles you.

About DashaSpeaks

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  • Experienced Experts

    Experienced Experts

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    Multiple ways to Connect

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  • Quality Services

    Quality Services

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    Private & Secure

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    3 Minute Free Sessions

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  • Assured Satisfaction

    Assured Satisfaction

    If you have issues regarding any service, you can always reach out to our support team.

About Us

Dasha implies “planetary transits” in Vedic Astrology. Every such movement or transit in the Universe can impact your life considerably; it could be a positive impact or a negative one. So, the right guidance at the right time can help you sail through the difficult times smoothly. And, this is what we aim to do at DashaSpeaks. We have experienced Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Experts, Fortune-Tellers, Spiritual guides, who can address all the complicated situations and struggles that you are facing in life and resolve them with their knowledge, expertise, intuitive insights, and advice.

About Us

We have created a platform that can help you come out of the difficulties of your life in the easiest, convenient and the most effective way possible. Whether there are love problems, financial worries, career and business issues, concerns about your kids and their education or anything else troubling you, here you will find an answer to each question. Through DashaSpeaks, you can talk to the Expert of your choice online from the comfort of your home and at your own suitable time and in the most secure setting.

About Us

We provide you with quality services. With a 3-minute free session with each new expert, you get the freedom to select the most suitable Expert for your problems. Whether it is an online chat session or an email reading or question forums, we ensure that your security and privacy is maintained. So, you can ask all your worries away without a doubt and let the guidance of our Experts steer you on the correct path and enable you to make the right decisions.