Frequently Asked Questions

In order to chat with an expert, all you need to do is login to your DashaSpeaks account or sign up to create an account, and then simply choose the expert you want to chat with and begin your session.
You will get 3- minutes free with each new expert and for that you need not apply any code or promotion. Once you start chatting with a new expert, the first three minutes will be free and after that you will be automatically charged on a per minute basis.
No, a phone call or any message on your phone in between a chat will not end your session or will not quit the application. You will have to click on the ‘End Chat’ button for the session to end.
If the expert of your choice is not online, then you can simply send them an email and they will reply as and when they are available. You can go to their profile, click on ‘Send Email’ and just type and send.
For your convenience, we have created your own DashaSpeaks wallet in which you have to add money through the payment modes available. Payment for each session will be debited from your wallet and you will be notified to add funds whenever the amount in your wallet is low for a session.
DashaSpeaks allows you to choose the right expert by providing you with a forum where you can ask your question and get answers from all the experts available. And, among them, you can hire the one of your choice as per the answer they provide for your concern.
DashaSpeaks respects your privacy and this is why we ensure that your security is not compromised with. We take stringent security measures to maintain your information and identity confidential.